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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys of Kirkcaldy, Scotland


Appleby Alexander Watson (1908- )

Appleby Ann  (1831 - )

Appleby Bridget (1860 - 1863)

Appleby David (1877-1877)

Appleby David (1885- )

Appleby David (1907- )

Appleby David Milne (1892- )

Appleby Eliza Jane Finlay (1901- )

Appleby Elizabeth (1879- )

Appleby Elizabeth  (Abt 1856- )

Appleby Elizabeth Gray (1895- )

Appleby Ellen (1889- )

Appleby Fanny (1858-1859)

Appleby Helen (1860- )

Appleby Helen Paterson (1900- )

Appleby James (1871-1931)

Appleby James (1881- )

Appleby James (1908-1991)

Appleby James (Abt 1893- )

Appleby James Milne (1899- )

Appleby Jane (1908- )

Appleby Jeanie (1896- )

Appleby John (1835 - 1876)

Appleby John (Abt 1852-1928)

Appleby John Cameron (1879- )

Appleby Maggie (1910- )

Appleby Maggie (1911- )

Appleby Margaret    (1832 -  )

Appleby Margaret  (1865- )

Appleby Margaret  (1898- )

Appleby Margaret Cameron (1883- )

Appleby Mary (1858 - )

Appleby Mary (1905- )

Appleby Michael (1897- )

Appleby Michael (Abt 1869-1939)

Click HERE to view the family tree for the Applebys of Kirkcaldy (updated April 2015)

Peter Appleby was born in about 1831 in Ireland, we now know that he was the son of Patrick Appleby, a mason, and his wife Fanny Farrell.  Both Peter and his wife Helen (Paterson) are buried in Kirkcaldy, as are many of his descendants.  When we started researching the line of Applebys from Roscommon, we discovered more about this line too - as it turns out the two lines are very closely related.

kirkcaldy image

Ravenscraig Castle, near Kirkcaldy

We now have a set of yDNA results for a descendant of this line and a set from a descendant of the Roscommon line - and they are a perfect match.  Interestingly, the results fit into the NORTHERN COUNTIES ONE group, which as well as lines originating in Northumberland and Durham, also includes the line of Applebys that arrived in Pennsylvania from Ireland in the 1770s.  Further research is needed to establish whether we can discover if the earliest Applebys we have found in Roscommon, originally came from Northumberland which is where we believe the most distant shared ancestor of this group of lines originated.  


If you are descended from this line of Applebys, we would be delighted to hear from you.  And you would probably find it interesting to take a look at the Roscommon Appleby page, which includes information relating to the early members of the Kirkcaldy line.

Appleby  Patrick

Appleby  Patrick (1873-1873)

Appleby  Patrick (1875-1876)

Appleby  Patrick (1891-1892)

Appleby  Patrick (Abt 1850-Bef 1861)

Appleby  Patrick (Peter) (1890- )

Appleby  Peter (1862-1933)

Appleby  Peter (1878- )

Appleby  Peter (1897- )

Appleby  Peter (Abt 1831-1905)

Appleby  Thomas  (1855-1856)

Appleby  Thomas (1862 - 1863)

Appleby  Thomas Binnie (1894- )

Appleby  William (1873- )

Appleby  William (1887- )

Appleby  William Findlay (1896- )

Appleby  William Watson (1900-1900)

Cairns Marion (1908-1984)

Calder Jamesina Walton

Cameron Margaret  (Abt 1852-1924)

Cameron Margaret  (Abt 1888- )

Farrell Fanny

Findlay Eliza Jane (Abt 1867-1919)

Lister Elizabeth (Abt 1871-1938)

McAdam Mary (Abt 1855- )

McCormick Mary

Mechan  Hugh

Paterson Helen (Abt 1831-1891)

Porteous Elizabeth (Abt 1868-1934)

Stuart Maggie Chalmers  (Abt 1885- )

Watson Margaret  (Abt 1874-1933)

Whyte Minnie (Abt 1879- )