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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Buckinghamshire Applebys

The earliest Applebys that we have discovered in this line lived in Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire in the mid 1600s.


By the time of the 1841 census, most had moved to Forty Green, near Penn and it seems that throughout the 19th century most of the men were agricultural labourers, with the women working at lace making or braiding.  


However one son, John Appleby, became a shoemaker and later worked as a fruiterer and market gardener.

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from the 1870 Ordnance Survey map of Bucks and Herts (click to enlarge).  Great Missenden is at the top left and Penn at the bottom left.

One unfortunate member of this family - William Appleby, born in 1788 - died after falling from a tree whilst cherry picking, leaving a wife Maria and eight children.


We now have one set of yDNA results from a descendant of this line, however they do not fit into any of our clusters of matching results, neither do they share even any distant similarities to our other Midlands Appleby results.


Appleby Aaron 1749-1773

Appleby Albert George 1884-1960

Appleby Albert George 1907-1996

Appleby Ann Elizabeth 1858-1942

Appleby Bertram George 1903-1950

Appleby Daisy 1891-

Appleby Daisy 1912-2005

Appleby Daisy S 1915-

Appleby Daniel 1677-1749

Appleby Dennis G H 1917-

Appleby Dorothy Mary 1920-2003

Appleby Edmund 1861-1863

Appleby Edwin 1882-1963

Appleby Edwin Charles 1905-1988

Appleby Freda 1945-1997

Appleby George 1826-1893

Appleby George 1854-1902

Appleby George 1906-1977

Appleby George Henry 1877-1961

Appleby Harry 1887-1981

Appleby Harry Edward 1901-1979

Appleby Ivy 1916-1995

Appleby Jack 1910-1976

Appleby James 1787-1788

Appleby John 1736-

Appleby John 1760-

Appleby John 1828-1900

Appleby John 1620-

Appleby John Francis 1857-

Appleby Jonathan 1743-

Appleby Joseph 1644-1718

Appleby Joseph 1712-1785

Appleby Joseph 1745-1753

Appleby Joseph 1823-1890

Appleby Josiah 1814-

Appleby Louie 1894-1949

Appleby Margaret Winifred 1927-2008

Appleby Mary 1747-

Appleby Mary 1880-1969

Appleby Mary (Molly) 1911-2001

Appleby Mary Ann 1849-1850

Appleby Mary Ann 1852-1932

Appleby Mary Ann 1856-

Appleby Mary Anne 1819-

Appleby May 1909-2004

Appleby Moses 1751-1752

Appleby Moses 1756-1757

Appleby Nancy L 1914-

Appleby Olive Louie 1919-2010

Appleby Pleasance C 1925-

Appleby Roger Frank 1923-2001

Appleby Ruby M 1913-

Appleby Thomas 1738-1810

Appleby Thomas 1813-1874

Appleby Timothy 1821-1896

Appleby Vera Rose 1921-1982

Appleby William 1677-

Appleby William 1740-

Appleby William 1788-1833

Appleby William 1816-1886

Bampton Mary 1644-

Barnaby Sarah 1741-1780

Bates Maria 1788-1855

Bilbey Rhoda 1888-1943

Bilton Sophia 1817-1901

Bush Florence 1908-1992

Driver Elizabeth 1715-

Gibbs Emma 1856-1944

Harris Walter 1880-1963

Lacey Mary 1760-1790

Lawrence Mary Ann 1820-1880

Leach Owen Lewis 1889-1973

Norris James 1858-1933

Padget Eliza 1834-1875

Perfect Sarah 1820-1911

Saunders Kate 1882-1911

Shrimpton Millicent H 1888-1965

Shrimpton Susan 1876-1955

Simons Mary 1680-

Slade John 1849-1924

Smith Emily 1844-1907

Smith Sarah 1822-1883

White Elizabeth 1714-1756

Willis Eliza 1836-1875