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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Charles Applebee, wheelwright of Moulsham

Some incidental notes about this line: In the very early days of my family history research, when I found my other half's 2xgreat grandfather Joseph Appleby's marriage record, it stated that his father was 'Charles Appleby, wheelwright'.  Joseph married in Bethnal Green in 1843, and according to all census data, he had been born in Bethnal Green in around 1821.  But there was a distinct lack of London wheelwrights named Charles Appleby, and my searches through the censuses for one living outside of London in the right sort of period revealed just one ... this one!!


In those days, online access to parish registers was just a pipe-dream, so I dragged hubby off to Chelmsford to the Essex Archives, for his first experience of trawling through microfilms searching for his ancestors - he was not impressed.  But though we located details of six baptisms for children of Charles and Mary Ann between 1815-1826, all were in Witham, Essex, and none were named Joseph!


I have subsequently decided that either the parish clerk (having recorded sixteen marriages that Christmas Day) got a bit muddled, OR Joseph didn't actually know the name of his father, so just made up some details.  I have still never managed to locate Joseph's parents with any degree of certainty! Joseph's line is shown here

Charles Applebee appeared in four censuses: in 1841 his age was recorded as 50 (though this would have been rounded down to the nearest five years) and said he was born in Essex; in 1851, 61 and 71 he gave his place of birth of as Dedham, Essex.

Dedham Vale by John Constable

John Constable painted this view of Dedham Vale in 1828 -  it bears remarkable similarity to his earlier painting of the same view in 1802.  Dedham is in the heart of 'Constable Country' (Image Wikipedia Commons)

Although there were numerous Applebee individuals who gave their place of birth as Dedham in census entries, there is a lengthy gap in Applebee baptisms in this parish between 1733 and 1811. Another Applebee - 'Miles of Dedham' (his line appears here) - gave his place of birth as Dedham (in abt 1790), but although I have checked the original Parish Record images on the SEAX website, to date I have not located any Appleby/bees in St Mary the Virgin, Dedham parish registers at around this time.

Another line not yet researched which could easily be closely related to Charles and Miles Applebee is that of William Applebee (abt 1768 to 1835), who married Jemima Gray in Boxted in 1793 (the census shows several of their children were born in Dedham).  It is possible that these families belonged to a nonconformist group whose records (if they were even kept!) have not survived amongst the National Archives collection which is available on The Genealogist.


What the 1851-1911 censuses shows for Charles Applebee's family is that a number of them moved away from Essex altogether - to London, Surrey, Kent, Yorkshire - and by the time of the 1911 census, just one of his descendants was still in Essex - the rest were in Berkshire, Liverpool, Yorkshire, and London.


If you belong to this line, please do send details of any stories passed down to you - and if there is a male direct line descendant who would be willing to take a yDNA test, please contact me.

Applebee, Alice 1866-

Applebee, Ann Maria 1863-

Applebee, Charles - Wheelwright 1815-1889

Applebee, Charles - Wheelwright 1786-1872

Applebee, Charles 1908-

Applebee, Charles 1860-1896

Applebee, Charles Edward - Engine Fitter 1839-1928

Applebee, Charles Overton 1876-

Applebee, Clara 1873-

Applebee, Edith 1870-

Applebee, Edward 1910-

Applebee, Elizabeth 1818-1819

Applebee, Elizabeth 1823-

Applebee, Elizabeth Emma 1863-

Applebee, Emma 1856-1862

Applebee, Ernest Walter - Hairdresser 1880-

Applebee, Frederick William 1868-

Applebee, George Henry - Butcher 1878-

Applebee, Gladys 1906-

Applebee, Grace 1910-

Applebee, Henry 1902-

Applebee, John 1858-1862

Applebee, Mary Ann 1815-1859

Applebee, Sarah 1819-

Applebee, William - Basket Maker 1826-1891

Applebee, William - Seaman 1843-1881

Applebee, William 1864-1865

Bowles, Emma 1831-1871

Church, Elizabeth Mary 1860-

Church, John - Coster 1827-

Church, Mary Elizabeth 1860-

Howard, William Frederick

Hutchinson, John -Plumber And Glazier

Overton, Harriot 1847-1927

Robinson, Elizabeth 1817-1845

Sallowes, Sarah 1817-

Soar, Grace 1882-

Turrell, Mary Ann 1787-1856

Whines, Caroline 1877-

Wilson, Dora Elizabeth Clara 1899-

Wilson, Evelyn Jane Cameron 1891-

Wilson, Frederick James 1898-

1856 map of Dedham

This 1856 map shows Dedham and the surrounding area.  The dotted line just to the north of the village follows the river Stour, which forms the boundary between Essex and the county of Suffolk to the north.

Source - National Library of Scotland