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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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George Walton Appleby of Barnard Castle

There have been a whole succession of George Walton Applebys, but the first was the son of George Appleby, a Durham solicitor (1803 - 1839) and his wife Sarah Tilly.  George Walton Appleby's middle name was inherited from his grandmother, Mary Walton, who married George Appleby, a merchant, in Staindrop in 1799.  We believe that this George may belong to the line of Robert Appleby of Barnard Castle.


George the solicitor died shortly after George Walton's birth, and Sarah remarried in 1842 to Robert Ingram Shafto - another Durham solicitor.  George Walton Appleby's stepfather must have been a big influence in his life, as two of his own sons as well as a number of descendants of this line carry the middle name of Shafto.

Barnard Castle

Robert Ingram Shafto was a seventh cousin thrice removed of Bobby Shafto, notable in the popular Victorian song - which is believed to originally be an Irish folk song adapted by supporters of the 18thC MP for Durham Robert Shafto - see Wikipedia 


George Walton Appleby was a Captain in the 31st Durham Regiment, and after his retirement from the Army he farmed in Leicestershire for a while before returning to the family home at 10 Church Street in Durham.  In total, George Walton is known to have had seven children with his first wife Agnes Sterry Tucker from Bermuda, following her death in 1870 he married one of the maidservants Drusilla Matthews, who bore him a further eight children.  A number of George Walton's children were born in Southsea, in Hampshire.


One of George Walton and his first wife Agnes's sons was Reginald Woodfield Appleby  (see entry on Wikipedia) migrated to Bermuda, where he founded the Appleby tax company, which features in the tax evasion scandal referred to as 'Paradise Papers' in November 2017.


A short biography of another of his sons, Ernest Walton Appleby, appears on the website of the Durham Light Infantry Museum.


Descendants of this line can be found around the world - as we know that three sons emigrated to British Columbia in Canada, one to Bermuda and another to Iowa.


If you belong to this line, I would be very pleased to hear from you - especially if you would like to participate in our yDNA program or are able to provide any old photos of your ancestors or stories about their lives to include on this page!

Ruins of the Castle viewed from the opposite bank of the River Tees

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Appleby Agnes Catherine (1870-1870)

Appleby Agnes May (1900-1919)

Appleby Alan Springett (1910-2002)

Appleby Ann Elizabeth (1801-1851)

Appleby Archibald Morgan (1902-1999)

Appleby Arthur Shafto (1879- )

Appleby Arthur Shafto (1905-1989)

Appleby Bernard Shafto (1890-1968)

Appleby Charles George (1898- )

Appleby Charles Herbert Tucker (1867-1953)

Appleby Constance Helena (1898- )

Appleby Diana

Appleby Edith S (1881- )

Appleby Edith Walton (1908- )

Appleby Edward Morgan Russell (1943- )

Appleby Elizabeth (1902-1968)

Appleby Elizabeth Sarah (Abt 1832- )

Appleby Ernest Walton (1878-1923)

Appleby Evelyn Mary (1887- )

Appleby Florence Marian (1876- )

Appleby Francis Theodore (1900-1959)

Appleby Francis Walton (1902-1992)

Appleby George (1803-1839)

Appleby George (Abt 1769- )

Appleby George Walton (1862-1948)

Appleby George Walton (1890- )

Appleby George Walton (1918-1961)

Appleby George Walton (Abt 1835-1918)

Appleby Gordon Lewis (1908-1970)

Appleby Harold Castillion (1908-1909)

Appleby Harrold (Abt 1866-After 1881)


Appleby Helen (1888-1953)

Appleby Henry Walton (1874- )

Appleby Katherine Agnes Randolph (1898-1934)

Appleby Lancelot Gordon (1911-1950)

Appleby Leonard George Randolph (1899-1966)

Appleby Leonard Shafto (1863-1952)

Appleby Louisa Constance (1861-1930)

Appleby Margaret Louisa (1886-1979)

Appleby Mary (Abt 1833- )

Appleby Prudence Tucker (1905-1976)

Appleby Reginald Woodfield (1865-1948)

Appleby Sylvia Gosling (1912- )

Appleby Violet Catherine (1883- )

Appleby William Percy (1886-1887)


Godwin Herbert James (Abt 1873- )

Gosling Edith Mary

Hingeston-Randolph Katherine Holworth

Kitto Ethel

Matthews Drusilla (Abt 1859-1912)

Morgan Mabel Rosalie Frances (1874-1961)

Neale Lillian (1865-1963)

Pearman James Eugene


Richmond Christopher

Russell-Stracy Doreen

Tilley Sarah (1809-1866)


Tucker Agnes Sterry (Abt 1840-1870)

Turner Madeleine Hester ( -1964)

Walton Mary


ernest walton appleby

Ernest Walton Appleby (1878-1923)


Reginald Woodfield Appleby (1865-1948)