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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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James Appleby of Hurworth on Tees

click HERE to view James Appleby's family tree

This is a VERY wide chart - you will need to enlarge it to over 100% and then scroll across and down to view all the individuals in the chart

NAME LIST for James Appleby's family tree

map of Hurworth on Tees thumbnail

click on the map to view an old Ordnance Survey map showing Hurworth on Tees - the map was sourced from the excellent Ponies website where you can view a modern map superimposed over many old OS maps

bridge at Hurworth

We know that although some branches of James and Ann Bell's line remained in Hurworth in Co Durham for several generations, other settled in other parts of County Durham and also in Yorkshire.  


Also, we know that a number of descendants of this line emigrated to Canada, America and Australia.  If you have any information about this family, do please get in touch.  It is likely that there are a number of living descendants of this line living in England, Canada and Australia.


I am grateful to Neal, who has recently contacted me with further information about some of the descendants of George Appleby and Eleanor Bellwood.  Neal's ancestor Henry Appleby joined up in WW1 Lance Corporal 23rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers (4th Tyneside Scottish) kia 1/7/1916 aged 37 on 1st day of the Battle of the Somme.  His name appears on the Thiepval Memorial.


We have also received a lot of information about the family of John Robert Appleby, who is part of the George and Eleanor Bellwood branch of this line.  The chart has been updated, but I still need to add the new names to the Name List - I hope to complete this soon!

You can also read some Memories of Hurworth and a little about the history of the village here

I am also delighted to report that we have now received the DNA results for a descendant of this line - and they are a match with the lines of Robert Appleby of Eryholme and Thornaby on Tees and Thomas Appleby of Leeds.  So we now know that these three lines are ALL connected to the ancient line of Henry Appleby of Kirkby Malzeard.

James was the great grandson of Henry Appleby of Kirkby Malzeard.

Appleby Margaret Ann 1858-1946

Appleby Maria Jane 1879-

Appleby Maria Jane 1907-

Appleby Marjorie 1917-

Appleby Mary 1861-1936

Appleby Mary Ann 1836-

Appleby Mary Ann 1847-

Appleby Mary Ann 1869-1870

Appleby Mary Ann 1879-

Appleby Mary Annie 1905-

Appleby Mary Elizabeth 1927-

Appleby Mary Jane 1877-1901

Appleby Mary Kipling 1886-

Appleby Maude 1900-

Appleby Minnie 1882-1957

Appleby Miriam B 1880-

Appleby Noel 1929-

Appleby Percy William 1881-1957

Appleby Phillis Marion 1908-

Appleby Rachel 1863-1885

Appleby Rachel 1875-

Appleby Rachel Margaret 1910-

Appleby Robert 1816-1891

Appleby Robert 1844-1911

Appleby Robert 1862-1862

Appleby Robert 1877-

Appleby Roland 1912-1997

Appleby Sarah 1849-

Appleby Sarah Elizabeth 1902-

Appleby Sarah Hannah 1875-

Appleby Sheila Ann 1937-

Appleby Thomas 1814-

Appleby Thomas 1845-1923

Appleby Thomas 1853-1863

Appleby Thomas 1854-1858

Appleby Thomas 1862-

Appleby Thomas 1867-1917

Appleby Thomas 1871-1935

Appleby Thomas 1872-

Appleby Thomas 1907-

Appleby Thomas Elliott 1895-

Appleby Thompson 1848-1928

Appleby Thompson 1874-1971

Appleby Thompson 1887-1901

Appleby Unnamed 1886-

Appleby William 1809-1895

Appleby William 1840-1844

Appleby William 1844-

Appleby William 1871-

Appleby William Morris (Billy) 1908-

Appleby William Thompson 1915-1982

Atkinson William 1843-

Barrington Edith May 1889-1949

Bates Mary 1872-

Bell Ann 1780-1862

Bellwood Eleanor 1814-1896

Borstell Edward

Bradley Joseph

Bradley Margaret 1841-1911

Bradley William -1891

Briggs Jack

Bryan Reginald

Burns Susan 1883-

Chambers Ann 1805-1880


Appleby Henry 1879-

Appleby Henry 1890-

Appleby Henry (Harry) 1876-

Appleby Henry (Harry) 1891-1965

Appleby Henry Thomas 1889-1911

Appleby Herbert 1879-

Appleby Herbert William 1910-

Appleby Isabel

Appleby Isabella 1898-

Appleby Jack Bennett 1915-

Appleby James 1782-1848

Appleby James 1819-1840

Appleby James 1842-1911

Appleby James 1842-1915

Appleby James 1843-

Appleby James 1849-

Appleby James 1853-1922

Appleby James 1885-1886

Appleby James William 1897-

Appleby Jane 1831-

Appleby Jane 1865-

Appleby Jane 1866-

Appleby Jane A 1872-

Appleby Jane Ann 1848-1918

Appleby Jean Emily 1911-

Appleby Jenet 1891-

Appleby Jenny 1911-

Appleby Jessie

Appleby Joan Ann 1930-

Appleby John 1806-1881

Appleby John 1837-

Appleby John 1840-1871

Appleby John 1847-1930

Appleby John 1848-

Appleby John 1878-

Appleby John (Jack) 1874-

Appleby John Gill 1886-

Appleby John Robert 1875-1911

Appleby John Robert 1906-

Appleby John Thomas 1875-

Appleby John William 1898-

Appleby Joseph 1881-1901

Appleby Joseph 1901-

Appleby Joseph 1909-

Appleby Joseph William 1880-

Appleby Joyce Merritt 1913-1996

Appleby Kenneth James 1909-1962

Appleby Lance Frederick 1900-1937

Appleby Lancelot 1828-

Appleby Laura Annie 1906-

Appleby Lavinia 1869-1930

Appleby Lavinia 1882-

Appleby Lavinia 1895-

Appleby Lewis James 1888-1971

Appleby Lois Irene 1924-

Appleby Mabel Annie 1884-1970

Appleby Maggie 1885-

Appleby Margaret 1837-

Appleby Margaret 1839-

Appleby Margaret 1865-

Appleby Margaret 1883-

Appleby Margaret 1908-

Appleby Margaret Amelia 1879-

Appleby Margaret Ann 1856-1858


Adamson Henry 1875-

Anderson Edward

Anderson Samuel

Appleby Ada Francis 1885-

Appleby Agnes 1889-

Appleby Alice 1899-

Appleby Alice Ann 1873-

Appleby Amy Eleanor 1880-

Appleby Ann 1838-

Appleby Ann 1840-

Appleby Ann 1852-

Appleby Annie 1878-

Appleby Annie Mary 1889-1959

Appleby Arthur 1892-

Appleby Arthur Lewis 1922-

Appleby Bertie Thompson 1893-1960

Appleby Bruce 1920-

Appleby Charles 1849-1911

Appleby Christopher 1825-1855

Appleby Christopher David 1907-

Appleby Cissie 1902-

Appleby Clarence Frederick 1890-1896

Appleby David 1882-

Appleby Dorothy 1909-

Appleby Edith 1894-

Appleby Edward 1884-1886

Appleby Edward 1910-

Appleby Edward 1912-1977

Appleby Edward J 1870-1881

Appleby Eleanor 1846-

Appleby Eleanor (Margellen) 1886-

Appleby Eliza 1884-

Appleby Elizabeth 1855-1855

Appleby Elizabeth 1863-

Appleby Elizabeth 1883-

Appleby Elizabeth (Mary) 1875-

Appleby Elizabeth Jane 1899-

Appleby Elizabeth Mary 1871-

Appleby Ellen 1840-

Appleby Emily 1870-1961

Appleby Ernest 1906-

Appleby Esther Ann 1914-

Appleby Florence

Appleby Florence Evelyn 1908-1991

Appleby Frank 1886-

Appleby Fred 1895-1895

Appleby Fred 1908-

Appleby Frederick 1884-1965

Appleby George 1814-1871

Appleby George 1851-1901

Appleby George 1871-

Appleby George Henry 1900-

Appleby George Robert 1904-

Appleby George Robert 1906-

Appleby George William 1910-

Appleby George William B 1883-

Appleby Gladys 1910-

Appleby Gladys Mary 1892-1982

Appleby Hannah 1839-

Appleby Harold 1912-1990

Appleby Harriet 1889-

Appleby Henrietta 1905-1944

Appleby Henry 1822-1901

Appleby Henry 1852-1911


Colley Emily elizabeth

Daniels Reginald Arthur

Darbyshire Mary Sophia 1881-

Dart Beryl

Dixon Sarah Ellen 1884-

Dunn Jane 1852-

Gates Isabella 1879-

Gibbon Anthony 1869-

Gibbon Joseph 1867-

Gill Rachel 1829-1911

Goldsborough Jane Ann 1860-1925

Gooding William Walter -1944

Gough Mercy 1872-

Harrison Elizabeth 1812-

Hayes Ethel 1888-

Hird Mary 1836-1901

Hoffman Louise Elizabeth 1924-

Hough Louise Margaret 1913-1998

Howe Mary 1819-1895

Jackson Elizabeth Ann -1918

James Vera Hazel

Keel Charles

Keys Alice

Kipling Ann 1842-

Kipling Mary 1860-1911


Lumley Catherine Margaret 1846-1926

Mason Joyce Kathleen

Metcalf Charles

Metcalf John James

Metcalf Thomas

Moor Isabel 1853-

Mould Ann 1843-1923

Owens Francis 1843-1873

Parker Agnes 1906-1990

Pearse Madeline

Potts Margaret Isabelle 1870-

Pratt Phillis 1851-1901

Raine Frederick 1878-


Smith Anthony

Spurgeon Herbert

Stein John

Stoker Elizabeth J 1878-

Tarran Elizabeth 1886-

Temple Powell Isabella 1846-1911

Thompson Joan Maud

Thompson Margaret Sarah (Maggie) 1875-

Tinkler Mary Ann 1828-1898

Towler Elizabeth 1874-

Tulley Robert 1881-

Vitty Mary Francis 1846-1911

Wade Elizabeth 1813-1901

Walker William 1869-1961

Warr Elaine Margaret

Webb George

Whatley Leslie Edward


Williams Richard