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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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James Appleby and Sarah Norman of Layer de la Haye

James and Sarah were married in Fingringhoe in 1805 and although their two sons James and William were christened in Colchester the majority of their descendants settled in Layer de la Haye.


One branch of this famly - Arthur James Appleby and his wife Esther moved first to London and later to the North East of England, where several sons worked in the mines.  Some of Arthur's descendants eventually settled in Australia, and it is possible that there are others in New Zealand.

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NAME INDEX for this line


Appleby Ada 1869-

Appleby Ada 1879-

Appleby Ada 1892-

Appleby Ada Louise 1873-

Appleby Agnes 1875-1880

Appleby Alan Hugh 1912-

Appleby Albert Edward 1881-

Appleby Alfred 1842-1911

Appleby Alfred 1870-

Appleby Alfred 1881-

Appleby Alfred Thomas 1891/1892-

Appleby Alice 1909-

Appleby Amelia 1877-

Appleby Ann 1834-1893

Appleby Arthur 1861-

Appleby Arthur 1904-

Appleby Arthur 1910-

Appleby Arthur 1914-

Appleby Arthur James 1857-

Appleby Arthur James 1886-

Appleby Audrey Vera 1919-

Appleby Barbara Mrs 1851-1891

Appleby Benjamin 1886-

Appleby Bertha Kate 1911-

Appleby Caroline 1863-

Appleby Catherine Barbara 1876-1911

Appleby Cathrine 1894-

Appleby Charles 1851-1880

Appleby Charles Victor 1914-

Appleby Dora Elizabeth 1909-

Appleby Edith Annie 1872-

Appleby Eleanor Maud 1905-

Appleby Eliza 1838-

Appleby Eliza 1867-

Appleby Eliza (Hannah?) 1871-

Appleby Eliza H. 1877-1891

Appleby Elizabeth 1903-

Appleby Elizabeth Jane 1873-

Appleby Ellen 1905-

Appleby Ellen Amelia 1882-

Appleby Emma 1859-

Appleby Emma 1860-

Appleby Ethel H. 1871-

Appleby Eva Alice 1880-

Appleby Evelyn 1908-

Appleby Florence Beatrice 1884-

Appleby Florence E. 1879-

Appleby Frank 1905-

Appleby Frank George 1881-

Appleby George 1865-

Appleby George 1880-1911

Appleby George 1842-1901

Appleby George Henry 1889-1957

Appleby Hannah 1844-

Appleby Hannah Alice 1867-

Appleby Harry 1869-

Appleby Harry 1881-

Appleby Henry 1875-1974

Appleby Henry 1876-

Appleby Herbert John 1905-

Appleby Jack 1889-

Appleby James

Appleby James 1806-1888

Appleby James 1833-

Appleby James 1897-

Appleby James Preston 1875-1878

Appleby Joseph 1835-

Appleby Joseph 1882-

Appleby Kate 1873-1869

Appleby Kathleen 1886-

Appleby Laban 1884-

Appleby Lydia 1910-

Appleby Margaret 1902-

Appleby Mary Winifred 1923-

Appleby Maud Mary 1878-

Appleby Olive Katherine 1908-

Appleby Percy 1884-

Appleby Reuben 1899-

Appleby Robert 1900-

Appleby Ronald Philip 1914-1997

Appleby Rosanna 1876-

Appleby Sarah Ann 1841-1854

Appleby Sarah Ann 1853-1854

Appleby Sydney Beckwith 1874-1921

Appleby Sydney Douglas 1890-

Appleby Walter 1864-1881

Appleby Walter William 1888-

Appleby William 1810-1871

Appleby William 1830-

Appleby William 1843-

Appleby William 1854-

Appleby William 1854-1881

Appleby William 1873-

Appleby William George W. 1879-1891

Arthur James Family Standard e-mail view

This splendid photo shows Arthur James Appleby and Esther (Haynes) with their family

Appleby Winnie 1907-

Bateman Alfred 1878-

Bateman Harold 1909-

Bateman Norman 1905-

Baxter Mary Ann 1882-1911

Beckwith Hannah 1805-1886

Bowes Mary Ann 1863-

Cook Joseph 1869-

Davis Vera Annie 1917-2007

Dolan Mary J

Faunch Ebenezer

Foster James Lewis 1910-

Franklin John Sharp 1821-

Franklin Rosina 1848-

Gasson Albert John

Haynes Hester 1856-

Hewitt Isabella 1884-

Holmes Harry 1856-

Kettle Amelia Jane 1850-1927

Lumsdon Alice May 1908-

Lumsdon Esther 1909-

Lumsdon Gladys 1904-

Lumsdon Joseph Henry 1878-

Lumsdon Sally 1910-

Malster Sarah Ann 1830-

Mann Susannah Sarah 1841-

Nash Joan E

Neesam Alice A 1911-

Neesam Arthur R 1899-

Neesam Frank 1876-

Neesam Frank 1910-

Norman Sarah

Payne Jessie Alice 1877-1938

Sampson Lillian 1879-

Smith Mathilde Newton 1881-

Smith Stephen S 1842-

South Eliza 1810-1878

Tiffin Rebecca 1839-

Wagstaff Ann 1832-

Watson Arthur 1911-

Watson Elizabeth 1912-

Watson Hilda Florence 1903-

Watson John 1906-

Watson Lancelot 1874-

Willomore Walter 1878-

Young Julia 1871-

Ron Appleby outside CCC office  1960 aprox Sidney Beckwith and Jesse Appleby sidney beckwith applebys commendation

Sidney Beckwith Appleby received a Commendation whilst working for the Commercial Cable Company - according to his family the widget he invented with  R S Brook saved the company many thousands of dollars ... its inventors received a pat on the back!

The photo on the right shows Sidney Beckwith Appleby and his wife Jessie Alice (Payne).  Sidney's father George Appleby had worked for the Post Office, initially as a clerk, but by 1891 was assistant supervisor of the postal service in Lexden.  


By this time Sidney was already apprenticed to a scientific instrument maker and by 1901 Sidney's brother George was in the same profession.  Both brothers were employed by the Commercial Cable Company and later transferred to the CCC's branch in Waterville, Co Kerry in Ireland.


Sidney's sons Ronald Philip (see left) and Frank were also employed by CCC (Ronald worked in the Waterville Office, we believe Frank worked in the London Office. But by 1962 both brothers were working in the London Office of CCC.