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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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John Appleby, exciseman of Corbridge, Northumberland

This tree was submitted by Joe, who has traced the line back to John Appleby, an exciseman in Corbridge and his wife Mary.  He has tracked all descendants of this couple, some up to the present day, with much assistance from distant cousins in England, Norway and New Zealand.  Some descendants of this line emigrated to Pennsylvania. We are still uncertain about the parentage of John, and whether he was actually born in Northumberland or in Durham.


Coincidentally, this is Joe's wife's line - his own Appleby ancestor through his mother is John Appleby, of Kelloe - and though both lines have their roots in Northumberland, the uniting marriage took place in the USA!  (So far, Joe has not managed to find a link further up the tree, but we do now know the two lines DO share a common ancestor through DNA testing). You can read some more info from Joe here


We have also received further details about members of this line from Neil and Alan.  There must be many more descendants living in both England and the USA - we should love to hear from you with any further information.


The tree has been divided up into three separate charts, for ease of viewing:

  • Chart one - descendants of John Appleby who died in Corbridge in 1696

  • Chart two - descendants of Thomas Appleby (1808 - 1886) and his wife Thomason

  • Chart three - descendants of Henry Appleby (1766-1855) and his wife Jane Redhead

Bridge over the River Tyne, Corbridge for NY9864

The bridge was completed in 1674, replacing the ford and ferry which succeeded a previous medieval bridge of 1235. It is 146 metres long, with seven arches. Originally built for pack-horse and coach traffic, it and was partially rebuilt and widened in 1881

Image from the Geograph site © Copyright Andrew Curtis and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence

bridge over tyne Corbridge

Corbridge is located close to Hadrian's wall.  You can view a map of the area from 1769 here.

We now know through DNA testing that this Corbridge line and that of John of Kelloe both fall into NORTHERN GROUP TWO.  These two lines seem to be closely related to that of William of Framwellgate and slightly more distantly to the lines from Barningham, Kirkby Malzeard and Leeds.  I would be keen to test a descendant from the branch of Thomas and Thomason - please contact me if you are a male Appleby from that branch.


yDNA results have also confirmed that the Wylam Applebys are definitely another branch of the Corbridge line.  And although we don't have any DNA results to confirm it, there is almost certainly a connection to the Hyons Wood line.


Appleby Alfred 1893-1970

Appleby Alice May 1881-1973

Appleby Ann 1838

Appleby Ann 1691-

Appleby Ann 1739-

Appleby Ann 1765-

Appleby Anne 1708-1842

Appleby Anne 1765-

Appleby Annie Isabella 1896-

Appleby Annie Thomasan 1872-1942

Appleby Arthur 1909-1995

Appleby Augustin 1907-

Appleby Barbara 1666-

Appleby Bettie R 1925-

Appleby Carlton 1905-1906

Appleby Christopher 1902-1970

Appleby Deborah 1721-

Appleby Dora

Appleby Doris Jeanne 1921-

Appleby Dorothy 1864-

Appleby Dorothy 1888-

Appleby Dorothy 1904-

Appleby Edna 1909-

Appleby Edward 1851-1943

Appleby Edward James 1889-2003

Appleby Eleanor 1860-

Appleby Elizabeth 1754-

Appleby Elizabeth 1770-

Appleby Elizabeth 1786-1798

Appleby Elizabeth 1796-

Appleby Elizabeth 1813-

Appleby Elizabeth 1836-1842

Appleby Elizabeth 1839-

Appleby Elizabeth 1844-1848

Appleby Elizabeth 1918-1918

Appleby Elizabeth (Betty)

Appleby Elizabeth Ellen 1891-1992

Appleby Elsie Isabel 1924-

Appleby Eva Morris 1904-

Appleby Evelyn Annie 1921-2003

Appleby Florence Jane 1875-

Appleby Frederick 1890-

Appleby George A 1924-

Appleby George Ebro 1888-1950

Appleby George Thomas 1887-

Appleby George Watson 1860-1941

Appleby Gladys 1910-1991

Appleby Gladys Maud 1910-

Appleby Henry 1660-1733

Appleby Henry 1700-1758

Appleby Henry 1725-1808

Appleby Henry 1758-1771

Appleby Henry 1760-

Appleby Henry 1766-1855

Appleby Henry 1798-

Appleby Henry 1802-

Appleby Henry 1827-

Appleby Henry 1850-

Appleby Henry 1905-

Appleby Henry James 1903-2001

Appleby Henry Robert 1829-1847

Appleby Henry Scott 1879-

Appleby Isabel 1717-

Appleby Isabel 1783-

Appleby Isabel 1922-

Appleby Isabell 1705-

Appleby Isabell Catheren 1841-1842

Appleby Isabella 1760-

Appleby Isabella 1836-1924

Appleby Isabella 1870-

Appleby Isabella 1893-

Appleby Isobel 1899-1949

Appleby Iva M 1922-

Appleby Jacob 1703-

Appleby James 1896-

Appleby Jane 1683-1727

Appleby Jane 1725-

Appleby Jane 1800-1801

Appleby Jane 1825-

Appleby Jeffrey Ernest 1911-1912

Appleby Jeffrey Octavius 1919-1988

Appleby John -1725

Appleby John -1696

Appleby John 1660-1740

Appleby John 1687-1761

Appleby John 1726-1751

Appleby John 1763-

Appleby John 1809-1810

Appleby John 1812-

Appleby John Edward 1873-1881

Appleby John Edward 1891-

Appleby John Edward 1897-1967

Appleby John George 1882-

Appleby John Septimus 1915-1987

Appleby John Thomas T 1897-

Appleby John William 1920-1988

Appleby Joseph 1730-



Appleby Joseph 1752-

Appleby Joseph 1780-1852

Appleby Joseph 1834-1899

Appleby Joseph 1884-1915

Appleby Joseph 1890-

Appleby Joseph Smeaton 1865-

Appleby Joseph Smeaton 1901-

Appleby Josephine 1904-1993

Appleby Kathleen

Appleby Leslie 1907-2003

Appleby Lilian Verona 1911-1917

Appleby Lily 1912-

Appleby Margaret 1827-

Appleby Margaret 1870-

Appleby Margaret Elizabeth 1872-

Appleby Martha Thomasina 1869-1887

Appleby Mary 1685-

Appleby Mary 1698-1774

Appleby Mary 1772-

Appleby Mary 1778-

Appleby Mary 1792-

Appleby Mary 1811-

Appleby Mary 1835-

Appleby Mary 1880/1881-

Appleby Mary Alice 1892-

Appleby Mary Ann 1839-1846

Appleby Mary Ann 1848-1880

Appleby Mary Ann 1872-

Appleby Mary Anne 1832-1845

Appleby Maurice Allen 1919-

Appleby May 1891-1976

Appleby Nora Younghusband 1886-

Appleby Percy 1894-1959

Appleby Phyllis 1921-1953

Appleby Ralph 1844-1876

Appleby Ralph 1880-

Appleby Rebecca 1737-

Appleby Rebecca 1768-

Appleby Richard 1696-

Appleby Ritson Marr 1906-1960

Appleby Robert 1689-

Appleby Robert 1802-

Appleby Robert 1833-1899

Appleby Robert 1852-1852

Appleby Robert Oliver 1907-1962

Appleby Robert William 1899-1978

Appleby Robert William Jeffrey 1877-1950

Appleby Ruth Elinore 1919-

Appleby Samuel Milligan 1907-1986

Appleby Sarah Ann 1892-

Appleby Sarah Elizabeth 1889-

Appleby Sarah K 1876-1945

Appleby Susannah Brooks Hepple 1914-2005

Appleby Suzanne

Appleby Thomas -1769

Appleby Thomas 1732-1798

Appleby Thomas 1758-

Appleby Thomas 1768-

Appleby Thomas 1776-1812

Appleby Thomas 1800-

Appleby Thomas 1808-1886

Appleby Thomas 1810-

Appleby Thomas 1842-

Appleby Thomas 1886-1971

Appleby Thomas 1915-

Appleby Thomas 1925-1947

Appleby Thomas Pringle 1800-

Appleby Thomas Watson 1860-1912

Appleby Thomas William 1882-1962

Appleby Thomasina Mary 1885-1973

Appleby Verina Morris 1894-

Appleby Walter Matthew 1902-1957

Appleby Wilfred 1902-

Appleby William -1858

Appleby William 1694-

Appleby William 1735-1798

Appleby William 1770-1797

Appleby William 1796-

Appleby William 1831-1832

Appleby William 1853-1917

Appleby William 1868-

Appleby William 1895-

Appleby William 1906-1908

Appleby William 1922-

Appleby William H 1924-

Appleby William Henry 1894-1972

Appleby William Smeaton 1862-1868

Armstrong Lilian 1909-1981

Arthur Mary

Bain Rebecca 1911-

Beaverson Dorothy

Bell Ann

Boland James Michael

Bowden Edward John 1871-

Brewis William

Brookes Phyllis 1888-1930

Brown John



Brown Mary

Calvert Richard John 1872-

Carron Eleanor 1913-

Carver Ruth E. 1902-

Charlton Catherine

Child 1697-

Cockburn Margaret 1802-1868

Conett Isabell -1737

Congleton James

Coulson George

Coulthard Elizabeth 1856-1939

Craggs William

Curley Margaret

Dickinson William

Dobison Elizabeth 1698-1774

Duncombe Joseph John 1900-1942

Dunn Joseph

Elder Evelyn Jane Grey 1907-

Fairnington Robert 1869-1906

Forster Albert 1917-1996

Frank Naomi

Goldsmith Harriet

Graves Laura Viola 1893-1948

Gray Eleanor Hall

Harrison John

Harrogate Henry

Henderson Anthony

Hill Matthew Taylor 1872-

Hodgson Hannah Mary 1864-1940

Hutchinson Isabella 1774-

Jameson Edward

Jeffrey George 1828-

Jr. Herbert Charles Berner 1913-

Kennedy John (Jack)

Kerr James

Kirton Alice 1864-1911

Laing Edward 1851-

Laurie George Sinclair

Laurie Thomas 1897-

Lynn Annie 1878-1952

Malia Margaret 1900-

Marr Sarah Elizabeth 1881-1959

Marshall Anne

Maughan Joseph

McCauley Francis Joseph 1918-1950

Mears Elizabeth Johnson 1889-

Mews Isabella Jane 1895-

Milburn Thomas 1806-

Milligan Ann Wylie 1883-

Morris Eva 1870-

Morris Maynard Cameron 1891-1922

Morrish William

Moulding Peter

Neish Mary 1828-

Newbigin John 1841-1899

Nixon Margaret -1725

Noble William Matthew 1885-

Oliver Elizabeth 1865-1901

Parker Joseph Charles

Patrick Agnes 1894-

Pattinson Annie 1849-

Pattison Elizabeth 1803-

Pringle Ann

Reay Elizabeth 1735-

Redhead Jane 1764-1841

Robson Charlotte 1799-

Robson Isabel 1803-

Robson John 1801-

Robson William

Rosenow Ruth Rosemarie

Rutherford Leslie A

Rutter Robert

Sanderson Jane

Scott Edward 1828-

Sharp Mary 1742-1818

Smeaton Dorothy 1836-1912

Smith Henry 1834-1868

Smith Mary -1773

Smith Robert -1742

Storey Jemima

Stothart Sarah Jane

Summers Amy Jane 1861-1945

Sumner Christine

Tailford Margaret Jane 1892-

Thompson James Henderson 1885-

Waggott William 1917-2003

Wales Thomas

Watson Stephen

Watson Thomason Thomasina?

Wilkinson Mary -1783

Wilson Andrew 1871-1953

Wilson Christine

Wilson David

Wilson David -2007

Wilson Jean

Young Dorothy -1698

Younghusband Elizabeth 1840-1898




We recently linked a new line to this tree ... see the page for Jonathan Kidd Appleby of Gateshead and Egypt.