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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Joseph Applebee of Warwickshire, who emigrated to Australia at the age of 16

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Joseph Applebee was born into poverty some time in 1823, to parents John Applebee and Ann Gould. His parents were married at Clifford Chambers then in Gloucester (now part of Warwickshire ) on the 24th of July 1820.  They were immediately put on Poor Rates by the Village of Hampton Lucy, John may have had some connection with this village.  From this point until 1835 the family was subsidised by this village. Joseph was christened 29th June 1823 in the village of Snitterfield in Warwickshire. It was around this time his father John was killed or disappeared.  However life continued and on the 12th of November 1829 his mother Ann married Daniel Hall, in the very same church that Joseph had been christened in 6 years prior.  From this point Ann only received poor rate payments for her children.  


In May 1839 Daniel and Ann Hall applied for Free Emigrant Passage to South Australia.  They left London on 16th of August 1839 aboard "The Duchess of Northumberland", arriving in South Australia on the 19th of November 1839, along with Joseph and their three children, George, Elizabeth and Daniel Hall. In 1841 the family was living in Richard Street at Hindmarsh, in around 1847 they started buying land in Gibson Street at Bowden.


It was in the 1850's that Joseph's life took off; he married Sarah Bacon (nee Peaker) widow of John Henry Bacon of Watervale, Maine in the U.S.A. on the 13th of October 1850.  She had one daughter already who was brought up with their other children.  Of six births between 1844 and 1860 only three survived, William John, Mary Ann and Joseph Jnr.   Mary born 1844 and died 1846, John born 1847 died 1848 and George born and died 1856.


My reason for DNA testing is a hope that it will, over time, clear the brick wall that has been created by the lack of information on John Applebee. Pete Applebee


For lots more information about this family (including details about descendants of the female members of this line which have been left off the attached chart), please visit Pete's website at



If you are a male Applebee who belongs to this line (especially if your are descended from any of Joseph's family that remained in England) and would be interested in taking a DNA test to compare with the existing set of results we hold, please contact us.

Applebee, Arthur Henry (1892-1985),

Applebee, Barbara Joyce (1920-1997),

Applebee, Bessie Jean (1922- ),

Applebee, Camille Jean (1905- ),

Applebee, Carlyle Hurtle (1906- ),

Applebee, Clifford Arthur (1933- ),

Applebee, Colin Keith (1914-1997),

Applebee, Doris Alma (1899-1954),

Applebee, Edith Alice (1876-1881),

Applebee, George Henry (1856-1856),

Applebee, Gertrude May (1913-1970),

Applebee, Gloria Joan (1926-1928),

Applebee, Graham Bruce (1936- ),

Applebee, Henry Edward (1901-1929),

Applebee, Hilda May (1888-1911),

Applebee, Hurtle John (1918-1979),

Applebee, Hurtle John Thomas (1882-1950),

Applebee, Isabella Roma (1918-2006),

Applebee, Ivy Gladys (1894-1987),

Applebee, Ivy Muriel (1919- ),

Applebee, Jean Rosemond (1919-1956),

Applebee, Jessie Susan (1920- ),

Applebee, John,

Applebee, John (1847-1848),

Applebee, Joseph (1823-1896),

Applebee, Joseph John (Jack) (1886-1964),

Applebee, Joseph Junior (1860-1938),

Applebee, Joyce (1925-1973),

Applebee, Lawrence Rex (1917-2009),

Applebee, Leonard George (1890-1971),

Applebee, Lloyd R (1918- ),

Applebee, Lorraine Fay (Fay) (1930- ),

Applebee, Mary (1820- ),

Applebee, Mary (1844-1846),

Applebee, Mary Ann (1851-1928),

Applebee, Muriel May (1884-1979),

Applebee, Myrtle Ivy (1895-1988),

Applebee, Nellie May (1917- ),

Applebee, Norman James (1893-1967),

Applebee, Phyllis Lorna (1922-2006),

Applebee, Raymond (1918- ),

Applebee, Roma (1913-1953),

Applebee, Ronald Edwin (1911-1979),

Applebee, Ross Leonard (1921-1989),

Applebee, Roy Richard (1896-1973),

Applebee, Ruby (1923-1995),

Applebee, Sarah Ethel (1884-1961),

Applebee, Shirley,

Applebee, Shirley (1880-1956),

Applebee, Thelma Daisy (1914-1989),

Applebee, Vernon (Tom) (1921- ),

Applebee, Violet Jean (1905-1993),

Applebee, William Ira (1888-1969),

Applebee, William John (1849-1916),

Applebee, William Thomas (1928- ),

Caust, Charles Arnold (1879-1906),

Daniel, Robert Thomas Burt (1849-1928),

Denny, Mary Ann (1854-1876),

Erskine, Helen Mabel (1892-1967),


Name Index for the family tree of Joseph Applebee of Warwickshire and Australia

snitterfield church

Snitterfield Parish Church

(William Shakespear had close associations with this village)