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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Newsletter April 2012

I am very pleased to report that we now have 17 sets of yDNA results shown on our website:  and definite groupings are beginning to appear which demonstrate that a number of our Appleby lines that have descendants participating in the DNA project are linked together into geographical groups which share a common ancestor:


All the results from Northern lines fall into one of two groups, and two of our Essex lines into a third group:

GROUP ONE:  This group includes the APPLEBYs of Haswell and the APPLEBYsof Embleton  (documentation from these two lines shows their known origins lie in Co Durham and Northumberland) plus the lines of William Appleby who arrived in Philadelphia in the 1770s and Gabriel Appleby who was born in New Brunswick in Canada in 1850.  

GROUP TWO: This group includes three lines with known origins in  Kirkby Malzeard and Leeds in Yorkshire, plus one from Sunderland in County Durham

GROUP THREE: Very recently, we received results for an Essex line, which proves a strong link between lines from Langenhoe and Ardleigh.

The hunt is on to discover exactly how these lines connect together.  


Click on the image on the left to view the detailed results.


We have two more sets of results in the pipeline … one from another Essex line and one from one of the Willenhall lines in the Midlands.  Results for these will be posted on the website in the next six weeks.


Meanwhile – if YOU are a male APPLEBY/BEE who can document your direct paternal line for at least five generations of APPLEBYs, why not take a DNA test yourself?  It’s simple and totally painless, and not only will you help us find out more about your Appleby line, you will also discover more about your own deep ancestry.  Subsidised test kits are available for lines which have not already been tested (and in some cases for new branches of very large lines).  Contact me to find out if you qualify.

Donations to our General Fund will also be very welcome, there is currently only sufficient cash held to buy two more test kits.  If you have benefitted from the information on this website, a donation of just £10 will help build up our funds so that I can purchase more kits next time Family Tree DNA hold a sale.

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Latest DNA results

ESSEX Ancestors - how you can help

If any of you with Essex Applebys in your ancestry could spare some time to help me to trawl through the enormous online resource available for Essex Parish Records looking for Appleby baptisms, marriages and burials to add to the data already available on our website, I should be very grateful.


Essex Records Office has taken the imaginative step of putting digital images of a growing number of their parish records online for researchers to examine from the comfort of their own home!  These records are not indexed, so it is a case of going through each page of the original registers,

essex PR

hunting for any mention of an Appleby (or indeed any other surname that interests you) and adding the details to a spreadsheet to be incorporated into our growing database.  To see what is available, take a look at


To view the images of Parish Registers online, you need to register and buy a subscription (varying periods are available, but for example 24 hours costs £5, one week costs £15 and one month £25).  Before committing to purchasing a subscription to view the details however, you can check the availability of registers for each parish in Essex.  The earliest ones can be quite difficult to read, especially as the registers were sometimes quite disorganised, but from 1800 onwards it is pretty easy going.  The snippet above is from some 1791 baptisms.


I will happily set up a checklist of parishes covered in Google Documents, and send anyone interested the link, so that we can all record which records we each check to avoid duplication of effort.  I can also provide templates for you to record all your finds, so that they can easily be incorporated into the master spreadsheets on our website.  Transcribing parish records is a really interesting task, the little notes often written in the margins can reveal clues about life in these villages (and sometimes even about your own ancestors!) that you will never see amongst the databases on Ancestry!


The SEAX collection is a wonderful resource, and the more of us that tackle the search for Applebys hidden within it, the sooner we will obtain the details to expand our Essex Appleby family trees.  HERE is a list of the records I have already checked.

WILLENHALL Applebys from the Midlands

In addition to the three WILLENHALL lines of lock and key makers which I added to the website at the end of February, I have just received a very interesting bundle of parish records along with a family tree for a fourth line of Willenhall Applebys.  I am currently working on this new branch and will add it to the website as soon as possible along with the updated Midlands resources, but I should be very pleased to hear from anyone reading this Newsletter who is connected to any of these lines.  I am pretty sure that they all go back to Humphrey Appleby of Willenhall, whose family may actually have come from Shropshire, but I need to access some more parish records to be sure of this.  If you can share any records you have found, that would be most helpful.


Meanwhile, we already have one DNA tester come forward who is descended from WILLENHALL line A (Joseph and Charlotte Appleby); it would be great to recruit Appleby descendants from the other Willenhall lines.  I would also be very grateful for any relevant parish records to add to those currently included in the Midlands Resource section.

Finally - this is totally off topic, but some you have been interested to hear more about my recent month in Brazil.  So I have included a link to the photopage I have set up on my personal family history website. As well as the photos from the Pantanal and Ouro Preto, which I visited for the first time this year, there are images taken from earlier trips to Brazil.  Click on the parrots to see the photos.

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