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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Newsletter August 2017

This is the first Newsletter to be circulated to all our Membership List using Mail Chimp.  I hope you find this a useful way of keeping you informed about the latest discoveries in our Appleby One-name Study and DNA Project.  If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from the Mailing List, there will be an 'unsubscribe' link at the end of every Newsletter.  


If you know another Appleby researcher who may like to join our Mailing List, you are welcome to send them the link to our 'Become a Member' page so that they can complete a contact form.

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1. Recently added or updated APPLEBY lines on the website


Henry and Emma Appleby's family (Haswell line)

2. When did you last check out the RESOURCES on the website?

I try to provide as many types of Appleby data as possible, so that visitors to the site can research their Appleby ancestors from a range of information.  Although the sources for the information shown on the descendancy charts for each line is not included on the actual charts themselves, you will find the detailed records of every piece of information included on the chart on the relevant regional spreadsheets (all of which include the source of the data in the final column).


A Key to the colour codes to be used on all spreadsheets for each line has been produced on the main RESOURCE page.   I am in the process of colour coding all the spreadsheets for each Region, and will add a Colour Key chart to each regional  Resource page once this task is completed, to help you find the records for your line.  I add to these resources continually as new collections of images of original parish registers become available online, and  as a result, some of these spreadsheets have now got huge (the Northern Region births and marriages each run to over 90 pages!) so you should find it helpful to use the colour coding to spot entries for your line.


The Northern Region BMD and Census spreadsheets were all updated with the new colour codes last month, other Regions to follow.


Have you visited our main RESOURCE INDEX recently?  In addition to all the BMD and census info for each Region, I add other new information that you may find helpful in your research on a regular basis.  So far, you will find details of Applebys in Military Records, Appleby Wills & Probate records, Apprenticeship records, Hearth Tax records – I hope to add more types of records, in particular Passenger Records. I am also aware that we are sadly lacking in BMD and census data for USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.  Hopefully with your help we can rectify that?

image of key to colour codes

3. Recent DNA results

4. Excellent August discounts on a range of tests at Family Tree DNA

Throughout August, ftDNA are offering excellent discounts on practically all their DNA tests, with particular savings on combination tests. Click on the image to find out more, but hurry as these prices end on 31st August!


Although we can’t offer subsidised Family Finder kits through our project, now would be an excellent time for you to get yourself tested while the price is at the lowest yet of $69!  This test can be taken by males or females and will provide you with lots of matches descended from any of your 4xgreat grandparents  - the closest of these could be 1st or 2nd cousins, who may be able to share very useful information to help you extend your own family history research.  


And if the person testing is an Appleby descendant they can join the growing number of Family Finder testers in our Group Project. The tester from your family doesn’t need to carry the surname, just have inherited some genetic material from one of your Appleby ancestors so could be descended from an Appleby female.  There are many circumstances where Family Finder matches could help resolve a puzzle in your own research or one of our Appleby trees.

5. Donations requested!

I really hate begging for money, but our General Fund and PayPal account are both now almost completely empty, so if you feel our website has helped your research, please could spare just a few  pounds or dollars – it would help us enormously.  I can use your donations to subsidise yDNA test kits for volunteers from new lines, and in some circumstances for second testers from existing large Appleby lines that have already tested one branch (this helps to confirm our reconstructions of very large lines are correct).  


If you could make a small donation within the next few weeks that would be brilliant, as it means I can also take the opportunity of purchasing some kits at the excellent prices in the August offer from ftDNA.  Please note:  previous requests for financial help have resulted in the same few generous souls sending cash … this plea does not include YOU (you know who you are!)


Please read our information about the two different methods of making donations, but in general, using the DONATE button on that page to put your money in our own PayPal account, gives me the most flexibility as I can use it to either purchase kits or upgrades from ftDNA OR to buy kits from the Guild of One-Name Studies when the current sale at ftDNA has ended (these have to be paid for in £sterling, which is why I set up the PayPal account).


I only use donated money for the DNA project – all other associated costs, such as running this website and subscriptions to all the Genealogy databases that help me undertake the necessary research to reconstruct trees, come out of my own pocket.

6. Meeting with a long standing Appleby member

resources ftDNA sale aug 2017 b researching in archives image of results grid

cluster.  Some painstaking digging has revealed the likely individual who left Witton Gilbert in Northumberland in the late 1700s (a John Appleby, born 1753) who for some reason came to London where he married Elizabeth Castledine in 1783.  But we have not yet found any written proof of this theory, so it just speculation for now.


Blacksmiths of Ellingstring, Yorkshire – Although very interesting results as they belong to a most unusual Haplogroup (R-M207), these were slightly disappointing, because they matched no other Appleby lines tested to date.  This could be for several reasons – perhaps the line is not connected in any way to any other Yorkshire lines that have so far tested; perhaps one of the earliest ancestors (not yet identified) was a son of an unmarried APPLEBY daughter; or perhaps there has been what is coyly termed a ‘non paternal event’ somewhere in between Joseph Appleby (1774-1849) a blacksmith from Ellingstring through several generations of more blacksmiths to the families who emigrated to New Zealand in the 1920s.  Unfortunately very few of Joseph’s descendants produced sons so I think there is only one other branch of this line that could (possibly) have a living male descendant who might be persuaded to take a yDNA test to see if there is any obvious reason for the lack of a match.


We now have an impressive 49 sets of yDNA results and 30 Family Finder test results in our project.  Why not join us?  There is an Activity Feed on our Group Page at Family Tree DNA where project members can post questions or offer answers to queries  

please help with funding

A couple of weeks ago I was really pleased to meet up with Nancy and her sister Judy from the USA.  They are descended from the line of Thomas of Neasham, county Durham and Nancy and I have been in email contact since I took over the Appleby One Name Study, so it felt like we were old friends.  Coincidentally, Nancy’s Family Finder results show a not too distant match with my own Irish ancestors – nothing to do with her Appleby connections (though we haven’t yet managed to pinpoint exactly where in our trees this might be), but I am sure I could see a family resemblance.  


Nancy and Judy were on a brief visit to London so we met up in Westminster and spent a delightful time (on one of the hottest days of the year!) in St James Park – a lovely lunch and non-stop chat for several hours!  

judy nancy and sue full size

7. How you can help our research

I have to admit, that the Appleby project is growing so large that it is very time consuming, and leaves me little opportunity to get any work done on my own family history (my personal Mastel Family website has several almost blank sections which are just waiting to be updated).  I would love to take some time to work on that, and I have also signed up to take the two year Advanced online Certificate Course at Pharos tutors … this starts in September and lasts two years, so I don’t yet know how much time this will involve.  


I have also suffered quite a bit of ill health in recent years, which has resulted in a lot of the trees waiting to be researched just piling up (which is a bit intimidating!) and I feel very guilty when I am unable to respond as quickly as I would wish to enquiries.

Finally, please remember to keep me informed of any changes of contact details!


appleby at one-name dot org

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So, I really could do with some assistance from any experienced family history researchers out there who would be prepared to take on a small piece of self-contained research that they could complete in their own time and send me the results to add to the website.  Click here to open a PDF file giving you some ideas about practical ways you could help out.

Judy, Nancy and Sue in St James Park, London, July 2017