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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Newsletter july 2010

Since the last Newsletter, another set of yDNA results has been received –  you can view the details here.   The latest results are the first set from a descendant of an Essex line and  it would be good to find some living male Applebys from some of the other Essex Appleby lines to represent their family line in our DNA test programme, and possibly discover if there are links between any of the many lines that existed in Essex.


We now have test results from the following lines:

  • William Appleby and Ann Pratt of Framwellgate, Durham, ENG

  • James Appleby and Sarah Norman of Layer de la Haye, Essex, ENG

  • William Appleby who arrived in Pennsylvania from Ireland in about 1770 (two sets of results from descendants of William’s two marriages, which match in 34/37 markers)

  • Joseph Appleby, tinplate worker from Bethnal Green, London, ENG

  • William Appleby of Kingsdon, Somerset, ENG whose family emigrated to Tasmania, AUS in the mid 1800s

  • Joseph Applebee of Warwickshire ENG, whose family emigrated to Australia in 1838


If you are an Appleby male and would be prepared to take a yDNA test to represent your line of Appleby/bees – please contact me today to see if you qualify for one of our highly subsidised test kits.  We would particularly like to receive applications from descendants of Northern and Essex Appleby lines.  


These 37 marker yDNA test kits generally cost $149 but I bought several test kits during a special promotion last month at a reduced price of $119 and I am offering them to the right Appleby males in return for a donation of just $50 to the Appleby Surname General Fund so that we can subsidise more kits.  


Thank you to those generous people whose contributions to the Fund helped pay for these kits.


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Latest DNA test results

Recent updates to the website

Recently added and updated Family Trees – we now have a total of 31 Family trees on the website, containing  3353 individuals.



  • James Appleby and Ann (Bell) of Hurworth on Tees – James was a descendant of Henry Appleby of Kirkby Malzeard, and after this tree was first loaded up on the website, I was contacted by Neal who has provided details of another branch of this line.  I suspect that there are a number of living descendants as many branches continue to the early 20th century.  Hopefully we will hear from more of them!

  • John Appleby of Kelloe – further corrections have been made to this line

  • Thomas Appleby of Whitby and South America – more images from Jose, with translations by Joe, of early South American baptism and marriage records for this line.  Thomas Appleby led a very exciting life sailing the high seas and providing munitions to the liberation armies of Chile and Argentina – read all about him and discover a little about the different naming patterns in South America from his family tree.



  • William and Hannah Appleby of Layer de la Haye – this is a very short tree in itself, but it is significant because one of William’s granddaughters married into the following line

  • Nathaniel and Lucy Appleby of Langenhoe – this tree started off with one of Peter’s Essex files, but with the help of some Parish Records from the Society of Genealogist’s library along with some other Essex records which are available online at SEAX and the ever helpful 1841-1911 census data, I have been able to expand it considerably both backwards and forwards in time.   It is now a large tree, which again has several branches that could well have living Appleby descendants.

  • James Apelbi of Boxted – this is a huge line that has been comprehensively researched.  It may also be possible to extend some branches forward with recently available census information.

  • Edward Appleby of Layer de la Haye, Essex – Another of Peter’s Essex files: following recent generations of this line through the censuses has identified an additional branch of this family that continues to the 1911 census.

  • William and Ann Appleby of Gt Braxted – this line was concentrated around the villages to the south west of Colchester (Gt Braxted, Rivenhall, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Kelvedon)  for several generations, where they were wealthy farmers and later innkeepers.  William’s will provided the additional information about six daughters and the names of all their husbands! The only branch that seems to have survived beyond the 1861/1871 census is that of George William Appleby and Esther Weatherhead; this couple and their three sons were all still alive in 1911.

Family Trees in the pipeline

Here is a list of the trees I am currently working on:



  • Miles Appleby of Dedham, Essex – again, though one branch of this line extends to the present day, I need to check some of the other branches against the censuses before adding it to the website

  • Thomas Appleby and Mary Potter of Boxted

  • George and Elizabeth Appleby of Ardleigh



  • Robert Appleby of Barnard Castle, Durham  – This tree is already on the website, but I want to do a quick check to see if any branches can be brought forward into the 19th century

  • Robert Appleby of Eryholme in Yorkshire and descendants at Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorks  - just received all the details on this line from Colin

  • Thomas T Appleby, b ~1848 Brougham, Yorks A young man recently contacted me from Ohio with some questions about his Appleby ancestry and I have managed to discover that he is descended from George W Appleby (born about 1876 in Norton, Durham) and Louisa Williams – they married in 1900 in Stockton on Tees and George was a son of Thomas T Appleby, b about 1848 in Broughton, Yorks.  If anyone recognises this family, I’d be pleased to hear more.

  • Robert Appleby and Jane (Bage) of Sunderland – I am in contact with Elsie who is a descendant of this line, and we have established that Robert was born in about 1817 and we think he was the son of a Jane Appleby.  If anyone has any more clues about this family, that would be very helpful.

If you have any information on the above lines (or indeed on any other Appleby/bee lines) please get in touch.

Appleby resources

I have moved the London Birth and Marriage spreadsheets and also the London census spreadsheets to the Members’ Only section of the website, as although I am very happy for this data to be freely available to Appleby researchers, I am less keen for it to be downloaded by unknown people!  I am also working on a spreadsheet for London burials from Parish Records along with deaths from the London GRO index – however, there is very little information to allow these to be linked to specific individuals unless they have distinctive forenames.  But I will be loading these onto the website shortly.


I have also been creating census spreadsheets for all the Northern and Essex Appleby families that are currently shown on the website and these too will soon be added to the Resource Section.  Where possible, I have also collected BMD information from parish records – if you would like to contribute this type of information from your own research, I would be very grateful indeed.


Please do let me know if you spot any errors on the website, and of course if you can provide additional information that would be most welcome!





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