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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Robert Appleby of Eryholme, Yorkshire

and descendants at Thornaby-on-Tees

click here to view the descendancy chart for Robert Appleby


Colin has been researching his family history for many years and you can read more about this Appleby line, as well as history of Thornaby-on-Tees and Eryholme on Colin's own website


This tree begins with Robert of Eryholme, who was probably born at Welbury or Kirkby Fleetham.


UPDATE!  Since adding this tree to the website, we have been contacted by another descendant of this line, whose family emigrated to Canada.  The chart has now been updated to include this branch.


We have also discovered through our DNA testing programme that this line, along with several others, is linked to the much older line of Henry Appleby of Kirkby Malzeard.  We still need to locate the documentary evidence to explain where all the connections between these lines lie, but believe that the Eryholme, and Easby lines both connect to the Kirkby Fleetham line.

map of eryholme and hurworth Medium Web view

this section of Jeffery's map of Yorkshire 1771 shows Eryholme (spelled Ayreholme) just across the River Tees from Hurworth.

click onthe image to view a larger version of the map - courtesy of  Digital Archives where you can purchase a range of wonderful old maps on CDs

Card 6a 4 Dec 1903 Mandale Road Thornaby

This postcard showing Thornaby in 1903 was posted by a small boy to his Aunt in Scotland before the Great War - after the Aunt's death her daughter found a box of postcards in the attic and returned them to the family - providing much information about long lost relatives to the family of that small boy, who happened to be living in Thornaby 100 years later!


Perhaps YOU have got a box of postcards and letters lurking in your attic?

Allan Rachel 1842-1911

Appleby Alfred 1884-1936

Appleby Alfred William 1869-1869

Appleby Ann 1838-

Appleby Anthony 1814-1862

Appleby Arthur Anthony 1867-1893

Appleby Arthur Anthony 1877-1879

Appleby Arthur Anthony 1893-1894

Appleby Cecil J. A. 1926-

Appleby Charles 1870-1924

Appleby Charles 1920-1966

Appleby Charles Arthur 1891-1911

Appleby Doris M. 1923-

Appleby Edna 1909-

Appleby Eleanor 1880-1885

Appleby Eleanor Newton 1917-1996

Appleby Elizabeth 1846-

Appleby Elizabeth 1869-

Appleby Elizabeth Alice 1878-1962

Appleby Elizabeth Alice 1914-1974

Appleby Elizabeth Jane 1863-

Appleby Elsie 1905-

Appleby Emma 1866-

Appleby Florence Amelia 1889-

Appleby Frederick James 1888-1961

Appleby Frederick James 1918-1979

Appleby Geoffrey Robert George 1912-1981

Appleby George 1879-

Appleby George Henry 1873-

Appleby Henry 1822-

Appleby James 1820-

Appleby Jane 1808-1893

Appleby Jane 1842-

Appleby Jane Ann 1870-1891

Appleby John 1845-1848

Appleby John 1853-1911

Appleby John 1843-

Appleby John 1817-1891

Appleby John James 1880-1911

Appleby John Robert 1875-1876

Appleby Joseph 1851-

Appleby Joseph Carruthers 1871-1900

Appleby Julia 1873-1873

Appleby Lilian May 1885-

Appleby Margaret J 1872-

Appleby Mary Ann 1865-

Appleby Miriam 1876-

Appleby Miriam 1919-1919

Appleby Moreen 1925-1974

Appleby Nelly Louise Newton 1879-1899

Appleby Rachel 1883-1911

Appleby Robert 1806-1881

Appleby Robert 1849-1911

Appleby Robert 1777-1847

Appleby Robert Allan 1877-1891

Appleby Robert Allan 1903-

Appleby Robert Ernest 1881-

Appleby Robert Newton 1841-1907

Appleby Robinson 1844-1911

Appleby Sarah Ann 1870-

Appleby Thomas 1846-

Appleby Thomas 1849-

Appleby Thomas 1812-

Appleby William 1838-1906

Appleby William 1874-1932

Appleby William 1826-1827

Appleby William 1834-1881

Belcher? Ann 1851-

Bradley Elizabeth Ellen 1880-1911

Brown James 1876-1919

Brown Ruth 1869-1945

Butler Alice Maud 1881-1960

Carruthers Mary 1850-1906

Davison Sarah 1827-

Dennison Mary 1774-1809

Gibson Ann 1843-1871

Gray Harry

Hough James Rees 1885-1951

Johnson Elizabeth 1826-

Liddle Mary 1786-1857

Liversedge Miriam 1886-

Newton Eleanor 1813-1880

Parkinson John 1809-1872

Raine or Watson Jane 1842-1911

Robinson Elizabeth 1811-1871

Stott George 1859-

Wardman Hannah 1840-1895

Wilkinson Ethel May 1889-1961

Workman Margaret 1813-