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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Samuel Applebee pipemaker

This Applebee line was sent in by Kate, who has researched her family extensively.  From apprenticeship records we have discovered that in fact Samuel's family came from Tutbury in Staffordshire, where his father Benjamin was a potter.  But for many years Samuel's own descendants lived in London, where they seem to have had close links with the line of John James Appleby, cutler.

indenture for Samuel Applebie 1717 for website

The apprenticeship records also record another Samuel Appleby from Tutbury - this one was the son of William Appleby, yeoman, late of Tedbury in Staffordshire, and in 1682 he was apprenticed to a John Appleby, citizen and Haberdasher of London.  If anyone has access to the Staffordshire Records Office, I would be most grateful for any more information on early records for Applebys in and around Tedbury/Tutbury.


Samuel's great grandson, James Edward Appleby who was born to a family of silversmiths, married Sarah Ann Calvert in Scotland - and the couple and their children led Kate on a merry dance as they moved all around the British Isles performing in the theatre as actors and comedians.  In more recent years, there were several jockeys amongst the family.

click here to view the family tree for Samuel Applebee pipemaker

I am pleased to report that we already have a volunteer descended from this line who has agreed to take a yDNA test.  If we can locate male Appleby descendants from the line of John James Appleby, cutler (and possibly some of the other Appleby families known to have been working in London in this type of business) we may discover if there is any shared ancestry between them.



Applebee Blanche (-1694)

Applebee John (-1691)

Applebee Lydia (1698- )

Applebee Mary (1705- )

Applebee Samuel (1702- )

Applebie Benjamin

Applebie Elizabeth (1696- )

Appleby Alice (1868- )

Appleby Amy (1866- )

Appleby Edward (1859- )

Appleby Elizabeth (1732- )

Appleby Elizabeth Ann (1796- )

Appleby Elizabeth W (1901- )

Appleby Ellen Rosa (1847- )

Appleby Evelyn M (1908- )

Appleby George (1786- )

Appleby Hannah (1755- )

Appleby Hannah (1793-1838)

Appleby Horatio (1843-1916)

Appleby Horatio J (1902- )

Appleby Horatio Joseph (1871-1922)

Appleby James (1844- )

Appleby James Benjamin (1870- )

Appleby James Edward (1802-1882)

Appleby Janet (1904- )

Appleby John (1825-1901)

Appleby Louisa (1876- )

Appleby Louisa Virginia (1856- )

Appleby Lydia (1729- )

Appleby Mary (1735- )

Appleby Matilda Maria (1816- )

Appleby Minnie (1910- )

Appleby Robert (1849- )

Appleby Rosalie (1860- )

Appleby Samuel (1752-1754)

Appleby Samuel (1728- )

Appleby Samuel (1757-1793)

Appleby Samuel (1781- )

Appleby Sarah (1784- )

Appleby Thomas Calvert (1880- )

Appleby Winifred (1905- )

Attewell Alice M (1845-1884)

Baker Rosalie (1878- )

Baker Thomas James

Barraclough Sarah (1758- )

Calvert Sarah Ann (1824- )

Crowe Janet Parker (1879- )

Feltham Frank Henry (1859- )

Freeman Ann (1827- )

Freeman Drury (1826- )

Freeman Drury (1795-1845)

Freeman Esther (1829-1900)

Freeman James (1837- )

Freeman John (1834- )

Freeman Julia (1831- )

Green Thomas

Jones or Pollard

King Joseph

Lymans Maria Sarah Julia

Mercer Sarah

Smith Sarah