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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

Samuel Appleby wheelwright

Samuel Appleby, wheelwright was originally from Northamptonshire, but later later settled in St Pancras with his young family. 


I started gathering information about Samuel Appleby after finding him working in St Pancras as a wheelwright in the early London censuses, in case there was a link with my own Joseph Appleby (who was supposed to be the son of a wheelwright).  However, I soon discovered that Samuel Appleby had originally come from Northamptonshire - and members of his brother Francis (a carpenter)'s family also migrated to London.


[Note: the information on this chart has been drawn from census as well as London parish records - but the relationship between Samuel, his brother Francis and their siblings is a bit speculative and is based on information from IGI - if anyone can confirm or correct this data I would be most grateful]

Name Index for the family of Samuel Appleby

Appleby, Alfred (Abt 1823- ),

Appleby, Alice Maria (Abt 1849- ),

Appleby, Amelia (Abt 1875- ),

Appleby, Amelia (Abt 1882- ),

Appleby, Anne (1853- ),

Appleby, Arthur (1852- ),

Appleby, Charles (Abt 1869- ),

Appleby, Charlotte (Abt 1833- ),

Appleby, Edward Henry (1904- ),

Appleby, Elizabeth (1794- ),

Appleby, Elizabeth (1866- ),

Appleby, Elizabeth (Abt 1841-1915),

Appleby, Elizabeth Ann (1827- ),

Appleby, Francis (1857- ),

Appleby, Francis (Abt 1803- ),

Appleby, Francis George (Abt 1901- ),

Appleby, Frederick (Abt 1846- ),

Appleby, Frederick William (Abt 1856- ),

Appleby, George (Abt 1825-Bef 1872),

Appleby, George (Abt 1866-Bef 1878),

Appleby, George (Abt 1878- ),

Appleby, Henry (1829-Bef 1871),

Appleby, Henry (Abt 1872- ),

Appleby, Issachar James (1859- ),

Appleby, Jane (1841- ),

Appleby, Jane (Abt 1837-1837),

Appleby, Janet (1860-1869),

Appleby, John (1838- ),

Appleby, John (Abt 1796- ),

Appleby, John (Abt 1826-1827),

Appleby, John (Abt 1830-Bef 1899),

Appleby, John (Abt 1899- ),

Appleby, John Robert (1855- ),

Appleby, Maria (1828- ),

Appleby, Maria (1860- ),

Appleby, Maria (Abt 1827- ),

Appleby, Marrion (Abt 1852- ),

Appleby, Marrion Stammers (1882- ),

Appleby, Martha (1905- ),

Appleby, Mary Ann (Abt 1852- ),

Appleby, Mary Jane (1851- ),

Appleby, Rose Amelia (1898- ),

Appleby, Samuel,

Appleby, Samuel (Abt 1798-1869),

Appleby, Samuel (Abt 1825-Bef 1885),

Appleby, Samuel Daniel (Abt 1854- ),

Appleby, Thomas (1837- ),

Appleby, Thomas Henry (Abt 1846- ),

Appleby, William (1805- ),

Appleby, William (1835- ),

Appleby, William (Abt 1822-1903),

Appleby, William Archibald (1896- ),

Appleby, William Francis (1862- ),

Appleby, William James (1899- ),

Brice, Florence Ellen,

Chappell, Elizabeth (Abt 1797- ),

Dodwell, Emmanuel,

Ellis, Janet (Abt 1827-Bef 1891),

Fellows, William Ransford,

Goff, Henry Josiah,

Grayer, Harriet,

Johnson, Elizabeth (Abt 1876- ),

Johnson, George (Abt 1874- ),

Johnson, Henry (1869- ),

Johnson, John James (Abt 1872- ),

Johnson, Luke (1866- ),

Johnson, William Appleby (1864- ),

Johnson, William Henry (Abt 1839- ),

Jupe, Jessey,

Lawson, Susannah (Abt 1802-Bef 1871),

North, Sarah (Abt 1835- ),

Payne, Florence Caroline,

Pickett, William,

Plews, Edward Thomas ( -Bef 1857),

Preston, Elizabeth Rosa (Abt 1879- ),

Robson, Frederick,

Roots, William Robert,

Stockwell, Thomas,

Walsh, Johanna Mary (Abt 1855- ),

Watkins, Elizabeth Ann (Abt 1801-Bef 1881),