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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Thomas & Frances Appleby of Embleton, Northumberland

This line originates with Thomas Appleby, who was born in Long Framlington in around 1817 - we are confident that he was in fact a son of John Appleby and Judith Watson of the Acklington line.


In the 1841 census, Thomas was a miller, but he obviously liked variety, because in 1851 he was a husbandman, in 1861 he was a miner, 1871 he was a quarry proprietor and in 1881, having passed over the quarry to his son Mark, he was a cattle dealer!


Although Thomas and Frances's two eldest sons both worked in the railway, the younger ones all seemed to be involved in the whinstone quarry at some time, but Mark remained the proprietor for a number of years, before passing it on to his son, also Mark, who was still running the quarry in the 1911 census.

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Appleby Alexander (Abt 1881-1893)

Appleby Alice (Abt 1871- )

Appleby Alice (Abt 1905- )

Appleby Alice Grey (Abt 1849- )

Appleby Ann Grey (Abt 1845- )

Appleby Annie M (Abt 1887- )

Appleby Christina (1909- )

Appleby Christina (1911- )

Appleby Dorothy (1915- )

Appleby Edith (1919- )

Appleby Eleanor (1891- )

Appleby Eleanor (1910- )

Appleby Ethel (Abt 1893- )

Appleby Fanny (Abt 1875-After 1911)

Appleby Florence May (Abt 1894- )

Appleby Frances (1889- )

Appleby Frances (Abt 1879- )

Appleby Frances (Abt 1886- )

Appleby Frank (Abt 1877-After 1911)

Appleby Gennie (Abt 1904- )

Appleby George (1855-1875)

Appleby George (1878- )

Appleby George S (Abt 1877- )

Appleby Isabella Pitt (Abt 1881- )

Appleby Jane Ann (Jennie) (1894- )

Appleby John (1879- )

Appleby John Alexander (Abt 1907- )

Appleby John Grey (Abt 1841-After 1911)

Appleby Margaret (1913- )

Appleby Margaret (Abt 1850- )

Appleby Margaret (Abt 1868- )

Appleby Margaret (Abt 1883-After 1911)

Appleby Margaret Ann (Abt 1878- )

Appleby Mark (1852-1912)

Appleby Mark (1884-1976)

gravestone thumbnail mum-dad

the gravestone of Thomas and Frances Appleby - click to enlarge

We know that three of Thomas's grandsons (George, Thomas and another Mark) emigrated to Canada in 1911 and would be very interested to hear from anyone descended from them.  As well as Bethany whose husband is descended from Mark Appleby junior and who kindly provided much of the information on the attached family tree, it looks as if several other branches could still have living descendants.  Please get in touch via this contact form if you can provide more details of any of the branches shown.



We already have one set of yDNA results from this line in our yDNA testing programme, which matches the results from the main Acklington line and that of John the Stonemason of Acklington as well as the Haswell Appleby line from Durham.  We also know that this line shares a common ancestor with the two descendants of the line of William of Philadelphia, who emigrated from Ireland in around 1770 to the New World and the line originating with Gabriel Appleby of New Brunswick in Canada.

Walter Appleby (son of Mark Appleby junior) and his wife Ibby

Appleby Mark (1886- )

Appleby Mark (Abt 1910- )

Appleby Martha Beatrice (1892-1933)

Appleby Mary (Abt 1880- )

Appleby Mary Jane (Abt 1860- )

Appleby Mary Jane (Abt 1882- )

Appleby Robert (1885- )

Appleby Robert (Abt 1843-After 1891)

Appleby Robert (Abt 1882- )

Appleby Ruth (Abt 1927- )

Appleby Thomas (1888- )

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1817-1886)

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1847-1894)

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1873-After 1911)

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1879- )

Appleby Walter (1922-1992)

Appleby William (1858- )

Appleby William (1881- )

Appleby William (1907- )

Appleby William (1908- )

Appleby William Thomas (Abt 1888- )


Armstrong Wilhelmina (Abt 1884-1965)

Barrs Joseph

Bell James William (Abt 1863- )

Charlton Alice (Abt 1840-Bef 1911)

Dryden Alice (Abt 1860- )

Grey Frances (Abt 1817-1883)

Hall Mary (Abt 1850-After 1901)

Morphy Elizabeth Ann (1921-1981)

Pitt Margaret Ann (Abt 1853-1936)

Scott   James William

Toward Marion Elizabeth (Abt 1873- )

Watson Eleanor (Abt 1881- )

Welsh Robert Fairburn (Abt 1880- )

Young Andrew (Abt 1848- )

Embleton Quarry  - In 1871 Thomas Appleby was the Quarry Proprietor; by 1881 his son Mark (1852-1912) had taken over; and by 1911 his grandson Mark (1884 - 1976) was in charge.  This splendid photo which we believe was taken between 1905 and 1910, shows Mark Appleby junior third from the left in the back row (facing left); standing just to the right is Thomas Landreth Taylor, who worked at the quarry for 59 years; 3rd from the right in the back row with jumper and cap is George Taylor, one of Thomas Landreth Taylor's sons.  If you know the identity of any other people in this photo, please get in touch.  CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE  (photo kindly submitted by Sue Taylor)

yDNA results

mary janes needlepoint

This rather lovely needlepoint (click to enlarge) was sewn by Mary Jane Appleby (b.1882), daughter of Mark Appleby (1852-1912) and Margaret Pitt.  It is not dated, but the two rows of initials stand for her parents and all their children in order of birth:

Mark Appleby, Margaret Ann Appleby, Fanny Appleby, Margaret Ann Appleby, Isabella Pitt Appleby, Mary Jane Appleby, Mark Appleby, William Thomas Appleby and Martha Beatrice Appleby.

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